Previous Projects

The Red Pages

Aspen Tree Media was asked to develop a CD-ROM database project for Keller Williams Realty's annual convention that helps facilitate agent to agent referrals. The CD-ROM version replaced the print version that was produced in the past. The CD-ROM was distributed to 10,000+ convention attendees and saved Keller Williams over $100,000 compared to the print version.


ShackCasting was the next evolution of Real Estate virtual tours. ShackCasting tours are tours that are played back on the Web but also delivered as podcasts. The user could view homes for sale or lease on the web but also save the shackcast tours to a mobile devices like iPhones, iPods or othervideo enabled cell phones!


KWConnect is an on-demand educational video delivery system for Keller Williams associates to receive education and training. Aspen Tree Media was contracted to provide backend development and to provide expertise in video streaming over the Internet.

Past Clients

At Aspen Tree Media, we have developed solutions for Keller Williams Realty International, Apple Inc, Macromedia, Wasatch Interactive Learning, and NASA to name a few.


Pocket Creator


The URLSender is a mobile application built for Nook, iOS and Android devices. The URLSender will allow you to transfer a URL from one device to another device on the same network. The idea for this app came about when we were reading an article on a PC and wanted to continue reading on a phone. If the URL is long that can mean a lot of typing to get the page to load. URLSender solves this problem.Learn More

Certificate Creator

Certificate Creator

The Certificate Creator is a revolutionary tool that allows users to create custom certificates and awards for printing on their own printers. Members can start with pre-built templates and it's as easy as entering the recipient's name and pressing print. However, certificates aren't limited to the templates in the system, members can start from an empty canvas and our software allows them to choose the border, banner, clip art and text. This allows for unlimited options!Learn More

Agent Chat

Agent Chat

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